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Staying Out of the Board Composition Fray

There’s lots of attention these days on board composition, whether it’s an activist who wants to join your board, an investor who wants to see more diversity, a governance specialist who is touting the board skill du jour, or the NY comptroller who is issuing “new” matrix formats. How does your board not get this…

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Board Education, An Important Piece of Board Refreshment

Someone once said, “wisdom must be refreshed.” So true. There’s lots of discussion these days about board refreshment and when directors hear this, they often think, “someone wants to get rid of me.” But wait, board refreshment also includes board education. Although directors learn at every meeting, through reference postings to the board portal and…

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Helpful Questions To Ask Following Every Board Meeting

Could your board meetings be better? Answer these four questions at the end of each meeting – it will help your board be more effective. 1. Did we accomplish what needed to get done? 2. What could we have done better? 3. Did we have the right materials in advance? 4. What key items should…

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